Attractions Sri Lanka

Attractions Sri Lanka

Attractions Sri Lanka

Attractions Sri Lanka

Attractions Sri Lanka

Attractions Sri Lanka

Attractions Sri Lanka

Attractions Sri Lanka

Attractions Sri Lanka

Attractions Sri Lanka


Attractions Sri Lanka

Tours in Sri Lanka


"A private holiday in this magical island is on top of the wish list of many!"
Located at the southern tip of India, this island nation surrounded by the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean has it all

By taking one of our holidays, you will be able to experience.

Extremely friendly, hospitable and easygoing people.

Stay at authentic hotels and experience our unique itineraries

A rich, vibrant and colourful history dating back over 2500 years!

Ruined cities, palaces, temples, fortresses, royal pleasure gardens and ancient dagobas second only to the great pyramids of Egypt.

Beautiful lakes, magnificent waterfalls, historic canals, flat and wild rivers, calm and quiet lagoons and marshes.

An abundance of animal life with our own sub-species of elephant, with many birds, butterflies amphibians and plants unique to this island.

An island with some of the most beautiful beaches, bays and underwater attractions you could find in the world.

Panoramic mountains, narrow passes and gaps provide you with some of the finest and spectacular views you could find anywhere.

Astounding variety and depth of handicraft, music, dance and art forms evolved through thousands of years.

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"You KNOW this is a Great place to visit, YOUR Tour Consultant Knowledgeable enough?"

We are independent, local, and truly passionate about travel
We are truly independent....Attractions Lanka is a locally based, independently managed company. We are 'small enough' to ensure that most of our clients leave as friends.

We do NOT support large noisy groups, nor 'conveyor belt tourism', where large groups are pushed through a rigid itinerary devoid of spontaneity. Instead, we promote tours to individuals, couples, families, friends and small private groups.

"Crafting custom private holidays is our forte!"

If you and your family come on tour with us; it will be only you and your family!
"We are based in Sri Lanka"

Who better to organize your tours than the locals?

Get the best from your trips; whether it is expert local tips, introduction to little known hotels, insight to local culture and customs or necessary contacts.. that can only come from the people who live here!

"We are PASSIONATE about travel!"
We love to travel to the kind of places you do; passionately so. That's important, because you want to travel with a company that can relate to your travel style.

"We know you are entrusting your 'Magical Vacation' to us, and we take this responsibility very seriously."

The best thing about this magical island is..You can visit most or all of the places of mentioned above within a period of 10 to 14 days!

Your Maximum Satisfaction is GUARANTEED!
Start planning for your next holiday in Sri Lanka !






Anuradhapura: Anuradhapura,is one of the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka, world famous for its well preserved ruins of the Great Sri Lankan Civilization.  The city now a UNESCO heritage site, lies 205 km north of the current capital Colombo in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka.

Polonnaruwa: The second most ancient of Sri Lanka's kingdoms, Polonnaruwa was first declared the capital city by King Vijayabahu I, who defeated the Chola invaders in 1070 CE to reunite the country once more under a local leader.

Kandy: Kandy is the English name for the city of Maha Nuvara (Senkadagalapura) in the centre of Sri Lanka. It is the capital of the Central Province and Mahanuvara District. It lies in the midst of hills in the Kandy Valley which crosses an area of tropical plantations, mainly tea.

Nuwara Eliya: The town was founded by Samuel Baker as a hill retreat for the British during the colonial era, where typical English pastimes including fox hunting, polo and cricket were played. Many of the buildings retain features from the colonial period, and even new hotels are often built and furnished in the colonial style.

Galle: Galle is a town situated on the southwestern tip of Sri Lanka, 119 km from Colombo. Galle was known as Gimhathiththa (although Ibn Batuta in the 14th century refers to it as Qali) before the arrival of the Portuguese in the 16th century, when it was the main port on the island.



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Sea, Sun and Sand :


No matter what time of the year, you can find a beach that is in season and just waiting to welcome you to this warm sands.



Ancient Cities and Culture :


Island that is an eclectic mix of its colonial history, religious traditions and South Asian influence. Sri Lanka’s unique culture, which is authentic to this island, brings together its pluralistic identity.



Wildlife Safari :


Sri Lanka has strived to provide sanctuary and protection to it's beautiful wildlife. There are many wild life reserves, nature parks and sanctuaries established throughout and extremely popular with local and overseas visitors.





Nature Trails , Fauna & Flora :


Scenic routes, a hint of adventure and the most diverse flora and fauna you’ve ever seen. The island is your very own tropical voyage waiting to happen.




Adventure Tours :


There is simply nothing a tourist could not do in Sri Lanka. We offer the guided activities like Tracking, bird watching, jungle safaris, diving, white water rafting etc.